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Beyond the Basics

If you've been through the tutorial from start to finishing, you should have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of making fused and slumped glass.  You should understand the reasons for using compatible glass, for annealing, and have some sense of how glass behaves when it gets hot.  

If you haven't tried a fusing project yet, now's a good time to get ready for a first project.  This web site has several suggested projects, but the best first project is the "Coaster" project.  

Once your first project is successfully under your belt, you should have the foundation to allow you to do more fusing and slumping firings.  Feel free to build on this foundation by experimenting with different glasses, techniques, and ways of firing.

This site also has several other sections which you may find helpful.  

If you've enjoyed this tutorial and website, then you may want to consider purchasing Brad Walker's book, Contemporary Warm Glass, which is based on the website and contains a wealth of information about fusing, slumping, and related kilnforming techniques.  Just click here to learn more about the book.

Finally, you can send your comments to us at the link at the bottom right of this page.  Suggestions for improvement, as well as projects or artwork for potential inclusion in the Warm Glass Gallery, are greatly appreciated.

Enjoy yourself.  Good luck with your warm glass projects.  And thanks for visiting.