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The Warm Glass site also features Graham Stone's Firing Schedules for Glass, an excellent technical resource for the intermediate to advanced warm glass artist.  Click here to read more about Graham's book.

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Contemporary Warm Glass

A Guide to Fusing, Slumping, and Kiln-forming Techniques

by Brad Walker

154 pages with more than

 150 full color illustrations

Softcover, perfect bound

Retail Price:  $47.95

ISBN:  0-97-00933-4-9

Table of Contents

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Whether you’re a newcomer to fusing or an experienced warm glass artist, Contemporary Warm Glass is an invaluable guide to developing and improving your warm glass skills.

Contemporary Warm Glass, the first totally new book on fusing, slumping, and kiln forming techniques in nearly a decade, has instructions on all aspects of this fascinating glass field, featuring techniques and processes for:

¨ Basic fusing and slumping projects, such as making coasters, tiles, bowls, and platters

¨ Information on materials, from kilns to molds to types of glass and essential safety equipment

¨ Complete instructions for compatibility testing and annealing, including master firing schedules for fusing, slumping, and kiln casting

¨ Information about more advanced techniques, such as inclusions, pattern bars, decals, combing, and using drop rings

¨ An introduction to kiln casting and glass painting, with techniques such as pate de verre, lost wax casting, and screen printing on glass

¨ Hundreds of tips and suggestions, from troubleshooting to making your own supplies, stringer, shards and confetti.

Complete with over 150 full color photographs, including over 90 photos of inspirational contemporary warm glass artwork from artists throughout the world.

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Click here for information about Graham Stone's book, Firing Schedules for Glass.


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