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Warm glass books

Walker, Brad.  Contemporary Warm Glass:  A Guide to Fusing, Slumping, and Kiln-Forming Techniques.  Based on this website. Now in its third printing, updated as of 2004.  Click here to learn more.

Cummings, Keith.  Techniques of Kiln-Formed Glass.  Somewhat academic in tone, with an excellent historical overview and a wide ranging discussion of techniques that can be used for various effects.  Not really a tutorial, more of a survey.  Excellent illustrations.

Kervin, Jim and Fenton, Dan.  Pate de Verre and Kiln Casting of Glass.  Most comprehensive tutorial on pate de verre and kiln casting available.  Solid information on modeling, mold construction, casting techniques, kiln procedures, and safety.  Highly recommended.

Lundstrom, Boyce. Kiln Firing Glass:  Glass Fusing Book One.  Definitely starting to show its age, this is still a solid introduction to glass fusing and slumping, with good technical information and lots of worthwhile pictures.

Lundstrom, Boyce.  Advanced Fusing Techniques:  Glass Fusing Book Two.  Not as well put together or colorfully illustrated as Lundstrom's first book, but still has a lot of information on more advanced fusing and slumping techniques.   

Lundstrom, Boyce.  Glass Casting and Moldmaking:  Glass Fusing Book Three.  Summary of pate de verre, sand casting, lost wax casting, and making fiber molds.  Could be better organized.

McGregor, Lani and Schwoerer, Dan (curators). Contemporary Kilnformed Glass: An International Exhibition. Absolutely gorgeous and inspirational exhibition catalog from Bullseye Glass. Contains photos of works, artist’s statements, and brief essays.

Stone, Graham.  Firing Schedules for Glass: The Kiln Companion.  Superb technical reference for anyone interested in fusing, slumping, and casting.  In addition to a brief introduction to the fundamentals of firing glass in a kiln, this book has over 100 pages of firing schedules and another 100+ pages of other technical information for kiln workers, glassblowers, and lampworkers.  Out of print, and hard to locate.


Cold glass books

Dobbins, Norm and Ruth.  Etched Glass: Techniques and Designs.  Guide to etching glass using both etching cream and sandblasting techniques.  Includes sections on carving, shading, basic equipment, and resists.  No info on traditional (and dangerous) acid etching.  Nice picture gallery. 

Isenberg, Anita and Seymour.  How to Work in Stained Glass. Very comprehensive guide to cold glass techniques, including leading, copper foil, sandblasting, silk screening,  and glue chipping.  Also has sections on repair and restoration and marketing stained glass.  A bit dated in places (1983), but still one of the best books to buy if you only want one book on cold glass techniques.

Morris, Elizabeth.  Stained and Decorative Glass.  Predominately photographs and descriptions of traditional, ecclesiastical stained glass.  Nice illustrations.  Not a tutorial.

Rich, Chris with Martha Mitchell and Rachel Ward.  Stained Glass Basics:  Techniques, Tools, Projects.  Covers both copper foil and lead techniques, with lots of excellent photographs accompanying instructional text.  More contemporary projects, nice gallery of finished work.

Weiner, Kay.  Stained Glass: A Guide to Today's Copper Foil Technique.  Good instructional overview of copper foil stained glass approach, with several traditional-type projects.  Good sections on stained glass design, decorative soldering, and selecting glass. 


Hot glass books

Dunham, Bandu Scott.  Contemporary Lampworking.  Solid introduction to lampworking. Broader emphasis than just making beads or marbles. Well written, extremely informative, and nicely illustrated.

Fritts, Drew.  Torchworked Marbles, Vol. 1:  Beginner to Intermediate Techniques. Well done overview of marble and bead making.  In addition to basic information, includes more advanced techniques than most other beadmaking books.  Well written.  Black and white illustrations.  Web site.

Giberson, Dudley F, Jr.  A Glassblower’s Companion: A Compilation of Studio Equipment Designs, Essays, and Glassmaking Ideas.  Guide to making glory holes, furnaces, annealers, and kilns, with interesting historical background.  Web site.

Halem, Henry.  Glass Notes: A reference for the glass artist.  Excellent guide to building and maintaining a glass studio.  Also has lots of miscellaneous glass tips, including several pages describing fused glass artist Klaus Moje's techniques.  Web site.

Jenkins, Cindy. Making Glass Beads.  Well illustrated introduction to glass beadmaking.  Includes basic tutorial and numerous tips for particular effects.  Skimps on more technical information, such as annealing and compatibility.

Schmid, Edward T.  Advanced Glassworking Techniques.  Absolutely superb guide to more advanced hot glass techniques, including Venetian techniques such as murrine and reticello, moldblowing, and solidworking.  Handwritten text sometimes gets annoying, but the content is worth the trouble. 

Schmid, Edward T.  Beginning Glassblowing.  A simpler, skinnier version of Schmid's Advanced Glassworking book.  Contains the same irritating handwritten script, much of the material is also included in the Advanced book.

Tettinger, Corina  Passing the Flame:  A Beadmaker's Guide to Detail and Design. A superb introduction to beadmaking, complete with many illustrated projects and techniques. Full color illustrations throughout.  Highly recommended.  Web site.


General glass books

Bray, Charles. Dictionary of Glass:  Materials and Techniques.  Comprehensive listing of major glass terms and processes, complete with definitions and brief descriptions.  Includes lists of glass suppliers, organizations, museums and galleries, schools and colleges, and some tables of technical information. 

Kohler, Lucartha. Glass: An Artist's Medium.  Survey of most major glassworking techniques (inexplicably skips over stained glass), with illustrated descriptions of the processes and photographs of both work-in-progress and finished work.  Good info on machinery and supply sources, but only occasionally is it detailed enough to be a good tutorial.

Layton, Peter.  Glass Art.  Guide to glass artists throughout the world, with descriptions and photographs of representative work.  Brief historical section, but predominately contemporary with a section describing glass materials and techniques.

Monroe, Michael W.  The White House Collection of American Crafts.  Nicely illustrated portfolio of glass, metal, ceramic, fiber, and wood craftwork contained in the White House collection. 

Periodicals and magazines

Glass Art Magazine Profiles of glass artists and information on techniques and materials for all glass disciplines.

Glass Patterns Quarterly  Magazine  Warm glass tutorials and full-size patterns for both fused and stained glass.

Profitable Glass Quarterly Magazine  For the creative glass art professional.  Features profiles and articles, including technical, marketing, studio start-up and show talk.  

The Flow Magazine  Lampworking journal for the flameworking community.