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Since its publication in the latter half of 2000, Contemporary Warm Glass has received numerous positive comments and testimonials.  The one's printed below are only a sampling to give you an idea of the response from people who have purchased the book.  

I am completely overwhelmed. I have tried to come up with the proper description and realize there simply is none. This book is a "must" for every reference glass library.

— Barbara Cashman, Glastile

It is a glorious book and the quality is fabulous. Everything from the beautiful cover to the paper stock, the layout and the images.

Avery Anderson

This is the new "bible" for warm glass. I have most of the other fusing books and they pale in format, clarity of text and overall usefulness. None even comes near the quality of the illustrations.

— Bob Duchesneau

This will be a resource book I will use and recommend to everyone.

Bill Basaraba

It’s dynamite, even better than his excellent and useful website. The book covers tons of info, is clear and easy to understand, and most importantly of all, it’s incredibly inspiring.

— Dani Greer, Greer Studios

The pictures are fantastic and the wording is easy to understand for a newbie - yet not too simplistic for old-timers to enjoy. The artists featured are inspiring - when is part two coming out!!! This is going to be a hit in the glass world for years to come!!

— Denise Rossi

All comments printed with permission.

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