November 19, 2017

A Glass Pool Table?

Elite Innovations launches the X1 – Everest,  an unbelievable glass pool table, complete with transparent glass base and table top.  The company claims the glass is coated with a product that allows it to it […]

Industry Update

The chain of dominoes set off by the industry’s environmental issues and Spectrum’s closing this summer appears to be finally coming to an end. Spectrum has sold its machinery, glass formulas, and related intellectual property […]

Klaus Moje — 1936 – 2016

Klaus Moje, undoubtably the foremost kilnformed glass artist in the world, has passed away at age 79. Moje, best known for his strip cut fused glass pieces, worked with Bullseye Glass in the 1970’s to […]

Gonzalez Memorial

Warm Glass has partnered with Brown Memorials, located in Florence, SC, to help create this stunning Memorial monument.  We provide the glass and the talented folks at Brown create the granite to surround the glass.  […]

The Good News … and the Bad News

Well, the good news is that both Bullseye and Uroboros have reached an agreement with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and are moving toward putting filters on their furnaces so they can get […]

Art Glass Industry Update

A lot has happened since our last update on Bullseye’s environmental issues.  There’s no question that the art glass industry is beset by troubled waters.  Here are some highlights: The Environmental Protection Agency is conducting […]

Spectrum Glass to go out of business

In a move that shocked many in the art glass world, Spectrum Glass has announced that they are going out of business. Spectrum, which makes System 96 fusing glass and numerous varieties of stained glass, […]

OsoCozy Flat Cloth Diapers

We used to have a major problem with paper towels.  Not the quality, but the amount we were using during workshops.  Seems folks would go to the sink, clean their glass, then wipe with a […]

Michal Czeisler’s Kirigami

Michal Czeisler is an Israeli glass artist who creates kilnfomed glass artwork inspired by Japanese kirigami.  Kirigami is a variation of origami that involves cutting and folding the paper, instead of just folding. Czeisler’s glass […]

Peter Borkovics

Peter Borkovics is a Hungarian glass artist who has worked in glassblowing, casting, and cutting and polishing.   His work has ranged from jewelry to glassware to sculptural objects and lamps. More recently, he has turned […]

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