November 19, 2017

Basic information about working with glass in a kiln.

Getting Started

Sure you need glass, and you need a kiln also, but what else is important to help you on your way? Aside from the glass, the most important item you need is a kiln. Most […]

Glass Types and Forms

What kinds of glass should you use? And what are the differences between types of glass? What kind of glass should you use? You can use any glass for fusing and slumping, but some glass […]

Glass Compatibility

Not all glass can be fused. Learning the basics of glass compatibility will help you understand which glasses can be fused together and which can’t. There are many different production methods and recipes for making […]

The Basic Fusing and Slumping Process

The basic fusing and slumping process has five main stages. All are important to get the job done. The basic fusing and slumping process has five main stages: Heating phase – where the temperature increases […]

Preparing the Kiln for Firing

Before you use your kiln, you’ll need to take steps to make sure it’s ready for firing glass. If you’ve never used your kiln before, then you’ll need to prepare it for the first firing. […]

Keeping a Firing Log

A properly kept firing log can essential to keep track of what you’ve done. It will help you learn the ins and outs of your kiln and will go a long way toward preventing and […]

The Fused Glass Coaster Project

This project, which involves making glass coasters, is an excellent first fusing project. It assumes that you have either successfully tested your glass for compatibility or have obtained “tested compatible” glass. It also assumes that […]

Beyond the Basics

So where do you go from here? What other resources are available on the Warm Glass website? If you’ve been through the tutorial from start to finish, you should have a basic understanding of the […]

Slumping Bottles

Slumping wine and beer bottles in a kiln is one way to learn the basics without having to buy special glass. Slumping bottles in a kiln is not difficult. It does, however, require a knowledge […]