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All works depicted in this online Gallery are protected by copyright and should not be reproduced and/or copied without the express permission of the respective artists.

The Warm Glass Galley continuously solicits works of warm glass art to appear in the gallery.  If you are interested in submitting a work for consideration, please click here to check out the guidelines for submission.

Click here to view recent images from the gallery.

Click on a specific artist below to see examples of his or her work.


Ellen Abbott and Marc Leva

Glenn Abel

Sean Albert

Lisa Allen

Nancy Allen

Robert Altman

Avery Anderson

David Barnes

Jackie Beckman

James Behrenberg

Petra Bigger

Todd Billmark

Lynn Bishop

Axel Bernal Bladh

Brian and Jenny Blanthorn

Lee Brady

Elizabeth Braun

Andy Brott

Robert Brown

Amy Buchwald

Roger Buddle

Don Burt

Mike Byers

Selena Calafange

Susan Card

Barbara Cashman

Donna Cassidy

Christophe Chang

Judi Charlson

Scott Chaseling

Sandy Chisholm

Ron Coleman

Jacquelyn Collett

Geri Comstock

Judith Conway

Chuck Corbett

Terrie Corbett

Linda Cornell

Brock Craig

Sara Creekmore

Leland Dennick

Pat Diacca

Miguel Diez

Dick Ditore

Patricia Dudding

Michael Dupille

Robin Evans

Edi Feldman

Ginger Ferrell

Jason Fewin

Jon Firth

Renato Foti

Andrew Galvin

Leslie Gibbs

Sharon Gilbert

Susan Taylor Glasgow

Helga Goetz

Kelly Goldstein

Patty Gray

Dani and Michael Greer

Carolyn Griffiths and Denise Axelsen

Marc Grunseit

Debora Gurman & Marco Romero

Sandra Harris

Ken Harvey

Candace Held

David Hobday

Karin Hodes

JC Homola

Akua Leslie Hope

Paul Housberg

Debra Hunt

Leslie Ihde

Dinah Ihle

Steve Immerman

Anja Isphording

David James

Rick Jarvis

Patricia L. Johnson

B J Katz

Martha Kauppi

Robert Keane

Dan and Eve King-Lehman

Janet Kelman

Paul Klesey and Bethany Wheeler

Rob Knottenbelt

Teresa Krage

Marty Kremer

Cheryl Kumiski

Robert Leatherbarrow

Walter Leiberman

Lorena Leigh

Rafael Navarro Leiton

Lori Taxer Lewis

Deborah Libbey

Paulette Lizano

Jenny Loft

Eugene Lohman

Susan K. Louie

Colin Lowe

Luis Machi

Kris Manalien

Breta Matson

Hugh McKay

Michael McNerney

Sandra Millott

Kari Minnick

Sandi Miot

Kita Mikio

Rob Morey

Richard Morrell

Mel Munsen

Barbara Muth

Roger Nachman

Catharine Newell

Leslie Nolan

Terry Ow-wing


Annette Paskiewicz

Carol Patrie

Dominique Plastre

Tom Porter

Worth Cooley Prost

Robert Quarrick

Doug Randall

Michael Ray

Karen Reed

Wayne Reed

Fiona Richter

Lee D. Ring

Sylvanye "Sam" Roh

Leslie Rowe-Israelson and Melanie Rowe

Rupama of Kroma

Ben Sablerolle

Sherry Salito-Forsen

Paul Sanders

Karuna Santoro

Cheryl Sattler

Amy Schleif-Mohr

Johnathan Schmuck

Rolanda Scott

Mark Selleck

Judith Shapiro

Ruth Siegel

Sheila Siegel

Amanda Simmons

Jim Simmons

Sylvia Simon

Meera Singh

Tony Smith

Teri Sokoloff

Susan Vivi Sørensen

Suzanne Sperry

Terri Stanley

Paul Stevenson

Helen Stokes

Stacey Street

Bruce Strubing

Dave Studley

Takuma Suzuki

Timothy Swann

Cliff Swanson

P J Sweeney

Nancy Tang

Paul Tarlow

Delores Taylor

Candy Thurman

Joseph Tracy

Bobby Valdez

Els VanderEnde

Nancy Wadleton

Mabel Waisman

Jody Danner Walker

Margie Weisner

Susan Welteroth

Andrew Westreich

Bethany Wheeler

Robert Wiener

Renee Wiggins

Gordon Williamson

Lisa Woodard

Laurie Young

Laurel Yourkowski

Scott Zoog/Erika von der Heyden

Bill Zweifel


All works depicted on this website are protected by copyright and should not be reproduced

and/or copied without the express permission of the respective artists.



Click here to see a list of all the artists represented in the online Warm Glass Gallery.


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