March 28, 2017

Glass Casting
January 13 to 16

Friday, January 13 to Monday, January 16, 2017
Instructors: Jody Danner Walker and Brad Walker

A comprehensive exploration of methods for casting glass, from simple open faced castings to more elaborate techniques such as lost wax casting and casting with rubber molds.


In this fast paced 4 day workshop we’ll approach glass casting from several angles, including:

  • Open faced, or bas relief casting
  • Lost wax casting, from start to finish
  • Pate de verre, using a “paste of glass” in a mold
  • Mold making with clay and plaster, as well as using rubber molds
  • Coldworking techniques for casting.

This is a hands-on class in which students will learn to use existing molds or create their own molds from clay and plaster.  Focus will be on creating a number of smaller pieces that showcase each technique.  Experience with basic kiln processes is helpful, but not required.


All levels, four days         Price: $595
10:00 to 4:30 first three days, 10:00 to 3:00 last day

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