November 19, 2017

Klaus Moje — 1936 – 2016

"Songlines" by Klaus Moje

Klaus Moje, undoubtably the foremost kilnformed glass artist in the world, has passed away at age 79.

Moje, best known for his strip cut fused glass pieces, worked with Bullseye Glass in the 1970’s to develop the first commercial line of fusible glass.  His input was invaluable in creating a line of glass that not only resisted devitrification but also became available in a myriad of colors.

Although he was born in Germany, Moje moved to Australia in 1982 and set up a pioneering glass school at the Canberra School of Art in Canberra, Australia.  Many of the major glass artists working today studied under Moje in Australia or at one of the many seminars he led throughout the world. Moje continued to pursue his glass art until his death, developing such techniques as the roll-up and large fused glass panels that were exhibited at a major retrospective at the Portland Art Museum in 2009.

Even if you didn’t know him, Moje deserves your appreciation.  His work is magnificent.  And his association with Bullseye was instrumental in the creation of the fusible glass we use today.

Moje’s Wikipedia entry is here:

You can find a really nice overview of Moje’s life and work in these videos from CBS:–life-of-skill-and-creativity-as-an-artistic-pioneer/7884838

Here’s Bullseye’s story of how they came to with with Moje:

And, finally, here’s some of Moje’s work: