November 19, 2017

OsoCozy Flat Cloth Diapers

Stop wasting money on paper towels.

We used to have a major problem with paper towels.  Not the quality, but the amount we were using during workshops.  Seems folks would go to the sink, clean their glass, then wipe with a fresh paper towel.  Next thing we knew, we were going through a roll (sometimes two) of paper towels each class.  The expense is bad enough, but we also weren’t happy about the amount of waste we were generating.

So a few years ago we switched to plain cloth diapers. They dried just as well (maybe even better) than paper towels and also kept the waste out of the landfill. When they got dirty, we simply tossed them in the washing machine, dried them, and they were ready to use again.

Problem solved?  Well, not quite.  As the years went on, the quality of the diapers got worse and worse. We were buying a good brand — Gerber — but they kept getting thinner and thinner until they were almost like cheesecloth.  And instead of lasting for dozens of washes, they started to fall apart after a few turns in the washing machine.

So we began a search for “diapers like they made in the 70’s.”  Checked out several places, and finally found OsoCozy.  Old fashioned diapers made of 100% birdseye cotton.  Larger than the Gerber’s and much heavier and more absorbent. They don’t shrink as much in the laundry either.  Perfect for cleaning glass, using as a rag, or (if you have to) diapering the baby.

We’re not associated with the company, but we’re definitely a fan.  Get them here: