Re-fusing broken project??? -

Re-fusing broken project???

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Re-fusing broken project???

Postby sheila » Fri Nov 14, 2003 9:52 pm

This question quickly shows my level of expertise, but I'll go for it anyway. My husband and I have collaborated on an outhouse door...not just any door, but a teak, dutch door with 4 panels of fused glass in the top and wood carving around the glass to extend the pattern. Looks great except... 2 panels cracked while mounting, probably from stress created by the wood strips holding them into the door. Needed to use foam strips or felt, I think. BUT, my question is...
is it worth a try to put them back into the kiln (there's nothing to lose, really) to see if they'll mend? I had success one time firing a broken (2 pieces) plate onto an unboken blank. It worked great, cam out seamless, but this can't be put on another blank; it would be too thick.
At this point the panels are tack fused to 1350, so I'd expect to go up to 1480....slowly, and maybe use devit spray. What would keep the break from rounding? Maybe glue??
Any ideas? Thanks

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Postby Brock » Fri Nov 14, 2003 9:54 pm

Dam them with cut up kiln shelves, bricks, paper and fibre board, whatever. Then re-fuse them. No problem. Brock
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