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ikebana frogs

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carol nahoom
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ikebana frogs

Postby carol nahoom » Sun Feb 01, 2004 2:32 pm

Does anyone have a source for the ikebana frog pins?

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Frog Pins

Postby Andrew » Sun Feb 01, 2004 4:24 pm

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Postby LesleyNolan » Sun Feb 01, 2004 9:09 pm

Hi Carol
Axner Pottery out of Oviedo, Florida has several sizes.

Terry Ow-Wing
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Postby Terry Ow-Wing » Sun Feb 01, 2004 10:04 pm

Terry Ow-Wing Designs
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Carol B
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Re: ikebana frogs

Postby Carol B » Sun Feb 01, 2004 10:18 pm

carol nahoom wrote:Does anyone have a source for the ikebana frog pins?

I do not have a source but does anyone know why they are called frogs?

My best guess is because they are partially submurged in water.


Don Kennedy
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Re: ikebana frogs

Postby Don Kennedy » Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:19 pm

carol nahoom wrote:Does anyone have a source for the ikebana frog pins?

This looks like an old post, but I can help, so what the heck.

I order pin frogs in bulk from overseas for my own production, ( I make Ikebana vases), and I typically order more than I can use. I sell the extras to help with the high cost of international shipping and the multitude of Customs fees. Folks from this site are welcome to contact me regarding the purchase of pin frogs, (several types and sizes), and they will save money, as I ask less for them than any of the so called wholesalers, and way less than the retailers. Also, I don't have any minimums, so hobbyists can afford to buy from me.

This is not what I do for a living, (sell pinfrogs), so I'm not placing ads anywhere. But I remember what a pain it was to find inexpensive frogs when I got started, so...

Send me a PM.

Don Kennedy
Natures Treasures

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