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Polishing Puzzle

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Re: Polishing Puzzle

Postby Morganica » Thu Jun 20, 2013 6:39 pm

David Jenkins wrote:@Cynthia:

How does that jig work with the lips of circular pieces, such as a drop vase? I'm just so snakebit from the disastrous consequences of applying unbalanced stresses to such pieces, I may be looking for problems where they don't really exist?

That was the part I was talking about when I said "The downside is trying to do something curved and/or with no flat back to rest on the jig. You could do a vase, for example, but it might drive you crazy trying to hold it straight while you ground, and keeping it rotating evenly."

I think you could probably rig a clamp or something that would keep curved pieces straight (and safe)...but I'd agree it's probably just easier to use handpads. Especially if all you're really trying to do is knock the corner off slightly.
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Re: Polishing Puzzle

Postby David Jenkins » Fri Jun 21, 2013 7:22 am


OK - I see. I guess I was thinking of the curve in the wrong plane when I read that and just ignored the parts about rotation and vase - sloppy reading :oops:.

I think OP has really presented three problems here:

1. Flatten and smooth the rim. You'd [typically] want the rim to be in the same plane as the surface on which the vase will sit.
2. Bevel the outside lip of the rim
3. Bevel the inside lip of the rim

Interesting discussion.
Dave Jenkins
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