Considering Bullseye Benchtop 16 kiln (Paragon-made) -

Considering Bullseye Benchtop 16 kiln (Paragon-made)

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Considering Bullseye Benchtop 16 kiln (Paragon-made)

Postby Katherine » Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:45 pm

Bullseye is having a drive-in sale on kilns next month. I had been considering the Paragon Fusion 16 and asked about that one in a recent post. Bullseye has their own Benchtop 16, made by Paragon, which is all fiber with 120v. electric.

I know all fiber heats and cools faster than brick and apparently eliminates or reduces some thermal shock issues (during annealing, I think) that are inherent in brick kilns. Because my old HotStart had a top that liked to crumble onto things and the kiln pins also liked to fall out, fiber sounds nice to me.

But I'd be interested in hearing what anyone things of the Benchtop, specifically, or all fiber kilns generally.

Thanks much.


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