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Ann Demko
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Postby Ann Demko » Sat May 17, 2014 12:18 pm

Hi guys. Been a long time since I checked in. Wanted to share with you an adhesive that appears to have solved a lot of problems for me. DP 100 PLUS by 3M. It HAS to be PLUS. They make a DP 100 but it is not the one. I used it to adhere 1" standoffs to glass to hold texture glass panels used as a decorative element. I had called 3M and asked them if they had an adhesive and they suggested this. It has a sheer strength of 1500psi. I performed my own tests after the people that were hired to mount the standoffs and hang the finished pieces had multiple failures. Made me very nervous since I was the one to recommend this stuff. Called 3M back and spoke to one of their engineers and they said it would definitely work in my application and said failure was most probably due to mixing issues. It is definitely technique sensitive but using their mixing system, which the other people had used also, and not violating the 3-5 min working time and allowing an undisturbed 72 hour setting time a single standoff held a 20lb weight suspended from a chain for days. I tested three other standoffs and they also held the weight. It is clear and I plan to use it for French cleats and other wall applications. By the way my panels of textured glass probably weigh <5 each. Just wanted to share since you all have shared so much with me. Sorry it's so long and you all probably already know about it, but just in case....

Barb R
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Re: DP 100 PLUS

Postby Barb R » Mon May 19, 2014 12:58 pm

Anne, did you have to rough up the surface of the glass and the standoff before you put on the glue?

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Re: DP 100 PLUS

Postby Morganica » Mon May 19, 2014 2:17 pm

Interesting news about DP100 plus--I've used DP105 for acrylic french cleats. Used the recommended 3M mixing gun, following the directions, and successful tests after a week's cure. My results were (very) poor: Almost no shear strength to speak of and lost a couple of nice pieces figuring that out. One fell off the wall and shattered in the new owner's home a couple of days after hanging. I stopped using it for any application that gets even a little shear force.

I sent a note to the vendor and noticed that not long after a new note appeared on the website: "The DP-105 has very little shear strength, so using it for mounting pieces on a wall or other option where shear force is applied to the joint is not recommended."

So if DP-100 plus corrects that problem, it's good news.
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Ann Demko
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Re: DP 100 PLUS

Postby Ann Demko » Thu Jun 05, 2014 1:51 pm

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I did not roughen up the surfaces before applying and they passes the 20 lb. test. Afterwards, I wondered myself if it would be better to roughen the surfaces and will probably do that but make sure the area's are cleaned of any dust left behind.
Next issue mentioned was the sheer strength capabilities. When I had called 3M for initial advice, I was told about DP 100 Plus and after listening to the instructions etc. and repeated back to the tech to be sure I was correct that it was DP 100. He really was quick to point out that yes there was a DP 100 but it had no sheer strength and that DP 100 PLUS was what I needed because it has a 1500 lb psi sheer strength. So far so good.

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