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fusing kokomo

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fusing kokomo

Postby charlie » Thu Mar 11, 2004 10:41 am

i recently had a discussion with kokomo about their ring mottles, how they're produced, and whether they can be used in fusing. i received the following tips from them in how to use their glass:

Some General Information about Fusing with Kokomo Glass
Annealing Temperature for Cathedral Colors:

Anneal: 945 F
Strain Point: 872 F

COE: Generally in the neighborhood of 92-94, but you will need to test each sheet if they are from different runs. Even different runs of the same color can have significantly different fusing properties.

Annealing Temperatures for Opals:

Opal D Anneal: 891 F Strain Pt. 833 F
Opal M Anneal: 914 F Strain Pt. 851 F
Opal ML Anneal: 930 F Strain Pt. 862 F
Opal L Anneal: 936 F Strain Pt. 867 F

Typical Ramping Up?Allow 1 hour per ¼? of thickness. All kilns behave differently. Test in your kiln to adjust for faster or slower times. Projects with more surface area may require slower ramping.

Typical glasses will begin to sag at around 1050 F.
Annealing:Soak 1 hour per ¼? of thickness @ 945F
Ramp to strain point 872 F

(1/4" thick piece should take 2-3 hours)

Soak @ strain point 15 minutes per ¼? thickness
Ramp down to room temperature.
For ¼" thick piece, turn kiln off and do not vent until 250 F.

If you are fusing Kokomo glass, Experiment, Experiment, Experiment and Test, Test, Test. Some colors devitrify more than others. Reds and yellows hate to be fused.

as to whether the ring mottles can be used in fusing:
As far as slumping our glass, I have experimented with slumping our glass & have found that on the opals it is critical to catch the glass right when it falls then vent the kiln down to 1050F as quickly as possible, then follow your normal ramp down.

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Postby PaulS » Thu Mar 11, 2004 6:01 pm

Thanks Charlie there's a lady lives up in Bedford came to visit the studio the other day, says she uses kokomo and I've forwarded the info to her, might save her a lot of time and materials in experiments.
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Judy Schnabel
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Postby Judy Schnabel » Thu Mar 11, 2004 7:26 pm

I've slumped some Kokomo. I love their bubble gum glass.

Even going to slumping temperature and holding long enough to get all my scallops to show, it devitrified something awful. But I still love bubble gum.


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