Need help with a Skutt Kiln -

Need help with a Skutt Kiln

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Need help with a Skutt Kiln

Postby barbarak » Thu Mar 18, 2004 10:44 am

I'm looking for some information on an (?)older (maybe only a couple of years old - not sure) , model K, Octagon 17.5" 240volt, 15 amp kiln (called a SKUTT Fuser). It doesn't have an automatic controller. It's in excellent shape / working order. The top lifts off and doesn't have a hinge or any connection to the base. There is a pyrometer, two shelves and seven leg things that go with it.
What would it be worth? Can you retrofit a controller?
I've checked the Skutt website - but - can't find any info on this particular kiln.
I want to use it for slumping, fusing etc - mostly bowls, plates and things like that. I'm very, very new..... :oops: Thank you for your help.

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Postby Debinsandiego » Thu Mar 18, 2004 1:11 pm

I'd call the folks at SKUTT. I've heard they are VERY friendly. I can't imagine that you would NOT be able to put an automatic controller on there, but it may cost a few bucks. SKUTT does make very, very nice controllers, I LOVE mine!

Stuart Clayman
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Postby Stuart Clayman » Thu Mar 18, 2004 8:57 pm

No need to retro fit that one.. add a stand along controller and plug your kiln into the wall controller. You can get one from Skutt, Paragon, or other manufactures and there are people that also build them or get you the parts and directions and you can get the metal box and assemble it yourself.

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Lynne Chappell
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Postby Lynne Chappell » Thu Mar 18, 2004 11:35 pm

I think they were making that one up to a few years ago. Probably sold new for maybe 600-700 dollars. Make sure the brick isn't crumbling and the element is solidly pinned in place with nothing looking like it's ready to fall out or has fallen out in the past. But I'm almost positive it should have had a hinged lid. Perhaps it's older than it looks. Skutt can tell you when the last kiln in that model was made. Sometimes the age affects the price, but the condition is probably a lot more important.

Kate Saunders
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help with skutt kiln

Postby Kate Saunders » Fri Mar 19, 2004 12:45 pm

I think the kiln that you're looking at is the same as the first kiln I bought, probably seven years ago, for around $600. It doesn't have a hinged lid, you just lift it off. Although I have a newer, bigger Skutt kiln, I still use the old one at least 4 or 5 times a week. It's been quite the trooper, and nothing has gone wrong with it. I never have put a controller on it. If it's in good shape, it might be a reasonable kiln to buy but be forewarned: you'll soon want a bigger one!
Good luck, Kate.

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Postby barbarak » Fri Mar 19, 2004 2:41 pm

Thanks to everyone. I purchased the kiln ($375) which included the shelves & shelf legs & pyrometer (wall mount). Hope it's a good deal. I did call Skutt and they'd made this model for 20 years and no longer make it. It could be 2 years old or?? It's in pristine condition - nothing cracked, chiped or broken.
It was made without a hinged top but they will make me one. The controller that Skutt would sell me would be a wall mount and would cost $750.00. I'm checking with Bartlett and will now (thank you Stuart) I'll check with Paragon.
They gave me a lead or two on 'cones' (?) for the kiln sitter.
You're all a great help. There aren't many 'glass people' close to me so you're my sole resource and inspiration!

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Postby charlie » Fri Mar 19, 2004 2:44 pm

check with centre deverre also for a controller. he'll make one up specifically for your application.

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Postby Dani » Fri Mar 19, 2004 3:12 pm

I love my big Skutt and still haven't found a compelling reason to add that controller. :wink: I fuse at cone 015 or 016 and cure paints and slump at cone 018 or 019 as a general rule. The cone required depends on the size and thickness of the project and also how many shelves I'm stacking. The first year I used the Skutt for fusing, I kept a diary of every firing as described in Brad's book which became an invaluable resource for me when trying new things. I know that kiln like it was my own child! Two tips that might help you. I don't crash cool, just leave the kiln to cool naturally overnight after it shuts off, but overspray everything to prevent devit. This procedure takes care of proper annealing just fine. I don't know how large your Skutt is, but one of the first things you should gauge is the ramping rate and the cool-down rate. If either are too fast, the controller would be a good idea for your kiln. Hope that helps and have fun.... this kiln will be a real work horse for you.

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Postby barbarak » Fri Mar 19, 2004 9:32 pm

WOW! thanks for the encouraging words and info. The kiln is 17.5" across and 9" deep. I'll have to do some research on the cones and how the kiln sitter works. From what you've said, it's not impossible to use it as is. I checked the Centre DeVerre for a controller and sure enough they make a couple of great ones - cost is an issue. I'll check on the ramping speed when I run a few tests on it.
Sure do appreciate the help!
Brad's book ROCKS! -

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