Novice looking for help with Fuseworks Craft kiln -

Novice looking for help with Fuseworks Craft kiln

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Sue Bell
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Novice looking for help with Fuseworks Craft kiln

Postby Sue Bell » Thu Jul 11, 2019 3:13 pm

I am a novice and pretty much self taught with no convenient access to classes other than via the internet. I play with glass mosaics and fused glass using the Fuseworks microwave kiln and the new Fuseworks Craft kiln. I am hoping that there might be others on this message board who have experience with the Craft kiln and can explain to me what I am doing wrong. The kiln is a small table top model with only a timer control, so is limited in what it can do, but for small fusing projects, it works pretty well, and I can finish a project in a few hours. My frustration has been with trying to use frit and molds. The kiln comes with some pretty specific instructions for firing a mold, which I follow carefully. I use the Hi-Temp spray on stuff for mold release, and everything works well for the first use or two, but with each subsequent use, the results are more and more of a problem. I reapply the spray between each use, but sooner or later, the glass is going to stick to the mold regardless. I end up having to refire it upside down to get the glass out, and the mold ends up looking weird - like some kind of ceramic coating is now gone, and I'm afraid the mold may be ruined. I know I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what it is. I reapply the spray between firings, I never mix COE's, and I follow the firing schedule provided with the kiln, which are: use kiln posts under the mold, fire for 5 minutes, then rest 2 minutes for 3 times to temper the mold, then fire for 7-10 minutes. Cool 2 hours, then crack open the kiln to cool for another 30-60 minutes. I'm using either 90 or 96COE frit in either a medium or fine grit. Can anyone educate me on what I'm doing wrong, and if my mold(s) are ruined or if they can be salvaged? Maybe I just can't do this kind of glass work in such an unsophisticated kiln? Thanks!! Oh, should I try to post a picture of one of the molds and its weird interior?
Sue Bell :)

Kevin Midgley
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Re: Novice looking for help with Fuseworks Craft kiln

Postby Kevin Midgley » Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:41 pm

frit could tend to grab kilnwash.
kiln wash does need to be reapplied.
Opalescent glass will grab kiln wash more than transparent glass.
Keep you small kiln with manual controls. buy a pyrometer and install it so you can watch the temperatures.
You will learn far more than if you go directly to a kiln with more 'features'.

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