Iowa resources & some kiln supply & ring sawn questions -

Iowa resources & some kiln supply & ring sawn questions

This forum is for questions from newcomers to kiln-forming.

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Iowa resources & some kiln supply & ring sawn questions

Postby MarlaS » Sun Mar 08, 2020 2:26 pm

After a 15 year hiatus, nest now empty, best in-home studio space ever, I'm looking forward to getting back to all the glass stuff I've spent fortunes to move around the country while it's gathered dust.

A few questions in no particular order...

1. web resources - curious what are some folks favorite web resources for how-to's, other than this site of course (!) - just discovered a treasure-trove on YouTube for example...

2. Taurus 3 ring saw - Anyone here know anyone near Des Moines Iowa who sells, makes, and/or knows about glass & stuff? I have a taurus 3 ring saw with something broken such that ring keeps slipping out of place, and my now wasbund was my only means of getting it back on, and damned if i remain stumped by it... I will call manufacturer and see if i can get help via skype or something, but wanted to ask...

3. new kiln shelf supplier in Iowa, or Fiberboard - I have a jen-ken 28" hexagonal kiln that's been old faithful, 2 half shelves that limit size of what i can make without seams - any suggestions on how to make larger pieces that won't have seam marks down the middle? For example, for standard .25 or .5" pieces, can i just use some fiberboard across the shelves? ...and if so, what thickness? Any particular brand that's good or to avoid?

4. reminders of what I used to know - tips for applying various brands of shelf and mold primer to shelves, to molds, how long to fire, best application methods, etc. I have Bullseye brand and whatever the brand is that Brad was recommending when he first started teaching, and all the stuff I used to know bc I did it so often I never bothered to write it down is now long since forgotten...

Thanks very much,

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Re: Iowa resources & some kiln supply & ring sawn questions

Postby AndyT » Tue Mar 10, 2020 11:49 am

As for your T3....most likely the belt is bad. Stretched and just old. It's one of the most common parts to go bad and cause the blade to keep slipping off.

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Re: Iowa resources & some kiln supply & ring sawn questions

Postby Marty » Tue Mar 10, 2020 10:02 pm

#4- get Brad's book.
and #1 seems to be FB if you can stand it.

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