Jen-Ken Ceram-a-Glass JK2 - 22 inch Kiln -

Jen-Ken Ceram-a-Glass JK2 - 22 inch Kiln

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Annette Mayne
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Jen-Ken Ceram-a-Glass JK2 - 22 inch Kiln

Postby Annette Mayne » Mon Sep 14, 2020 12:04 pm

Price: $2,300 Like new condition
Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Photos show a small amount of damage on the lid, it was that way when I purchased it. I have talked to the manufacturer and they say that it does not affect the operation of the kiln. That has been my experience.

Designed for the artist that has a passion for all the fired arts! The kiln that has BOTH Cermaic and Glass firing modes. The Glass mode gives the uniform top blast of heat to evenly heat the glass on the shelf with some of the side coils working to help bring the kiln to temperature. The Ceramic mode is all side firing that is great for the ceramics and glazes. The Ceramic mode will help glass casters hold at 1700°F without over-heating the lid coils. Great for screen melts and boiling glass. Also this kiln is used for several layers or bottle slumping. This kiln comes with the Orton AutoFire 12-key controller.

Kiln Model: AF3C Ceram-a-Glass JK Squared 22"
Interior Dimension: 27" width x 27" length x 22" depth
Voltage: 240 volts, Amperage: 45 amps, Watts: 10,800 watts
Recepticle: 6-50R

Price Includes: Peep Hole Plug, Stand and Manual

Optional: Furniture Kit includes: 2 full shelves,
8 6 inch posts
Orton AutoFire 12-key controller
TAP controller
Lid Lifter

Kiln Model: AF3C Ceram-a-Glass JK Squared 22"
Interior Dimension: 27" x 27" x 22"
Max Temp: 1700F Glass Mode / 2100F Ceramic Mode
Volts: 240v
Amps: 45a
Watts: 10,800w
Recepticle: 6-50R
Breaker: 60
Circuit Wire Gauge: 6
Weight: 350 lbs.
IMG_4530 (2).jpg
IMG_4531 (2).jpg

Joyce Walters
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Re: Jen-Ken Ceram-a-Glass JK2 - 22 inch Kiln

Postby Joyce Walters » Mon Sep 14, 2020 2:13 pm

Hello. Where are you and the kiln located?

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