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Large Fusing/Casting Kiln for Sale

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2020 9:44 am
by Peter Zelle
Custom built 10 years ago for large casting. Moving studio and do not have space for it.

Bed size is 90" x 98" - soft brick rolls smoothly on angle iron anchored into floor.
Firing space is 67" x 72" x 18". Vermiculite board, elements inside quartz tubes.

100 Amp, single phase, comes with transformer if need, SCR unit and love controller.
After soaking ramps from 1050F to 1500F in 15 minutes.

Great kiln sad to have to let it go.

I am in Minneapolis and shipping would be the responsibility of the buyer.
One option is to cut the kiln in half and re-weld it back together or into 2 smaller kilns.

Price is negotiable. Please call if interested or have questions,
Thanks, Peter