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Crack -pate de verre

Posted: Thu Sep 12, 2013 4:19 am
by osnat
I want a banana but.....

I made mold form fiber paste.
I covered all (without open space) the mold with packed fine frit ( spectrum 96) about 4 mm thickness.

When I opened the kiln I found a crack .
The annealing
Afa 510 90
30 425 10
60 327 10
Room temp

Crack for length and scope of the banana and starts from that point ( I bold it with marker)
I must say , before that I had a Successful
Kiln with chili paper and strawberry. They are smaller in size and annulling for 60 min.
My friend told me every time she did something bigger thing she got a crack.
So what do you think it happened because:
1. Their is a "crack" between the Coe of the fiber and the glass
2 or it the annealing was not good Enough
3 or....