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is casting ar 1100c possible

Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:12 pm
by commuted
I have a vacuum furnace I can set up. I need some electrical work for it. I want to cast glass into a mold. The unit is rated for 1100c. If the glass will slump I'm guessing without air it may conform to a mold. The question is, Is this possible at all at 1100c?

Re: is casting ar 1100c possible

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 3:42 pm
by Rick Wilton
at 1000 c you have glass in basically a liquid form, glass blowers have their glass at around that temperature and it's the consistency of honey.

So yes that is plenty hot.

Respectfully though if you are not aware of basic temps I doubt this is something you should undertake.