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what do you write on tags

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what do you write on tags

Postby BobbieMatus » Thu Nov 20, 2003 1:14 am

Sold my first few things to a gift shop. They asked me to put artist tags on the work. What do I put on the tags. Do a do a short bio or do I describe how the piece is done? all advice is welcome.

Gale aka artistefem
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Postby Gale aka artistefem » Thu Nov 20, 2003 11:06 am

Ask if the gift shop people if they allow artist contact info on the tags before printing them up. Not many resale venues are ok with this........

Include on the tag, the name of your piece (if you've named it), a line describing medium and technique if you're inclined to share this. Don't forget to add your name - handmade by________ or
your name, artist and your business logo, if you one.

On the reverse side of the tag, write up a very short paragraph about what might have inspired the piece or how it can be used by the buyer. If you're working in series where all the pieces have a similar theme or visual content, then you can use this same descriptive paragraph on all the tags.

It's good to keep the tags small in size, so they don't overpower the visual scale of your work. You want your buyers to see the work first, then look at your tag for more info.

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