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Sample Coaster Designs

You may copy or modify any of these design in whichever way you'd like.

For full fusing projects make sure you use at least two full layers of glass. 

This simple sketched design can be made by cutting the two thin dark stripes and laying them on top of a solid design layer. When the coaster fuses, the stripes in the layer on top will simply melt into the layer below.  
Using a dark border around a glass square works best when an iridescent or strongly patterned glass is used as the central piece.
For this design, the design layer is composed of three pieces that fit together to form the square. Stringers (or very thin pieces of glass) are used to add an abstract pattern on the top of the coaster.
For this design, select four different colors and arrange them so that no two colors touch each other. By staggering the arrangement, you can make a set of four matched coasters with no two being exactly alike. 
Curved lines, like those used in the coaster at the left, often make for a more interesting coaster design than straight lines alone.