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The Great


without magnets




Participant List


Akua Lezlie Hope

Allen Gott

Amber Zehnder

  Amy (in Milwaukee)

  Ancel Williams

Andrea Gangloff

Antonia Corrigan

  Avery Anderson

  Barb (Seattle)

  Barbara Bader

  Barbara Cashman

Barbara Galazzo

  Barbara Muth


  Bert Weiss

  Beth Burns

  Beth S

  Bill Basaraba

  Bill Z

  Bob Gent

  Bob Leatherbarrow

  Brad Walker

Brian Blanthorn

  Brock Craig


  Candy Thurman

  Carol Craiglow

  Catharine Newell

Charles Willford

Cheryl Engelaer

Cheryl Sattler

  Cindy Jackson

Cynthia Oliver

  Colin (Australia)

  Dani Greer


Debbie R

   Dee Janson

  Dianne van de Carr

Dick Kolpack

Dolores Taylor

Don Burt

 Doug Randall

Ellen Demko

Ellie Sprague

  Els VandenEnde

  Gail Jensen

    Geri Comstock

  Holly Kehler

  Jackie Beckman

  Jane (Hawaii)

  Jane Lindell

  Jennifer Adair

  Jerry Barnett

  Jim Simmons

JJ Jacobs

John Hoffman & Friends


  Judith Conway/Kevin O'Toole (Vitrium)

Judy Goloff

  Kate Saunders

Kathie Karancz

  Katy Pattison

  Ken and Carol Ames

Kevin Midgley

Kristrum Tomasdottir

  Laurie (matengo?)

  Leslie Videcki

  Licha Nicholson

Linda and Don Burns

  Linda Hassure

  Linda Steider

Lisa Rivera

Leticia Stivers

Lyn Lowry

  Lynn Bishop

  Lynne Chappell





Marna Hartjen

Marsha Toms

Marty Kremer

  MaryKay Nitchie

MaryLynn FitzSimmons


Nadine Beth Schneider

Nan Bowring

  Nancy Deal-Whitacre

Nancy Tang

  Nancy Underwood

  Nita Crawford

  Pam Hrycyk


  Pat Zmuda

Patricia Hall

  Patti Scheindelman

  Patty Gray

  Patty Johnson

  Paul Bush

  Robert Burrell

  Robin Z


  Ron Coleman


  Sara Creekmore

  Saundra Schwarzbeck

Seekie (from Norway)

  Shannon Engelbrick

  Steve (Klein?)

  Steve Immerman

  Susan Schroeder

Tamara Johannes

  Tami Coatsworth

Tina Keller

Tony Smith

  Trish V

  Victoria Nelson

  Worth Cooley-Prost


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