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Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines


These are for the 2006 Exchange, which was from November 2005 to February 2006.


1) We will accept the first 125 participants, then start accepting Alternates. In the event a maglesser must withdraw an alternate will be notified in the order they are received. Email Suzanne Mueller at Magless2006@hotmail.com Include your name, city and state please.

2) Entry Fee: $25, non-refundable. This will be collected after your entry has been accepted.  The fee covers return shipping costs (you are responsible for shipping completed magnets to the coordinator, this fees covers returning the Exchange magnets to you).  At this time we do not expect an adjustment for International shipments to be necessary. Once you are notified that your entry has been accepted (you win the lottery!), you will be asked for a check or credit card information to cover the entry fee. Receipt of the entry fee by the deadline guarantees  your place in the exchange. The entry fee for the Alternates will be refunded, however, if they are not included in the final roster. 
Payment: Checks in US currency are preferred.  Make them to Suzanne Mueller 2905 Hardy PL Arlington, TX 76010.  Credit card payment is possible for those who can't send checks.  Contact Brad Walker at magnet@warmglass.com for more details on the procedure for making credit card payments. 
All funds will be deposited in a special fund to cover the cost of the exchange and a special surprise!

3)  Magless Minimum: 1 inch by 1 inch.   Maximum 2 inch by 2 inch.  Any shape.  Magnets do not need to be square. All entries must include some form of warm glass work (fusing, casting, etc.). They can be any shape desired -- round, square, rectangular, irregular.  To minimize shipping cost, actual magnets are not necessary, as recipients will attach their own if desired. (That's where the name "magless" comes from.)

4) Quantity: 126 magless per entrant. 125 will be used for the swap, one extra (for breakage if necessary), to be auctioned off with proceeds going to the Warm Glass scholarship fund. 

5) Deadlines:

Entry signup Ė Now till I get 125 people signed up.  We will keep a list of alternates to fill-in in case of dropouts.

Receipt of Entry Fee: Nov 17
Receipt of Magless: Feb 17

6) All email communication will be sent to Suzanne at Magless2006@hotmail.com

7) Details may be adjusted as necessary prior to completion of the exchange, and will be posted immediately on the Warm Glass bulletin board  forum dedicated to the Magless 2006.

Thank you. Please address all questions to Suzanne at Magless2006@hotmail.com and letís have a great exchange!


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