1.  Stick a SMALL label with only your NUMBER and LAST NAME (or partial last name like "Solz" for "Solzhenitsyn") onto the back of each unwrapped magnet.  Put each magnet in a magnet-sized ziplock, the type made for jewelry.

If you want, sign each magnet with an engraver, Dremel, high-temp marker, etc.

2.  Bubble wrap can be placed between layers of magnets or magnets rolled up or folded in bubble wrap.  Please do not individually wrap each magnet with bubble wrap and tape like it is a mummy to be preserved for centuries. 

Please, NO PEANUTS or small bits.  To eliminate space, use styrofoam sheet or bubble wrap and put on top, between rows or to the side, ball up paper, etc.  If your magnets are more fragile than the norm and require a different kind of wrapping, that's okay, but please email Charlie at

3.  Pack a Priority address label with your name and address in your box.  We will determine average weight and cost and notify the group in December.  If you mail before then, you can send your check later.

Before Sorting Day, boxes will be opened, packing removed and magnets counted and prepared for sorting.  Following the guidelines will provide magnet protection and allow a minimum of unwrapping and cutting apart.

SCARY WARNING:  Boxes packed with peanuts, with fewer than 125 magnets or that are received after the deadline will be returned. 


Jewelry sized ZIPLOCKS come in different thicknesses.  They will help protect your magnets. **If you enclose a business card or note in your ziplock, don't cover up your numbered sticker.**  Ziplocks can be bought on-line and in craft stores.

LABELS/STICKERS can be computer generated or hand written.  [One good method is to cut the smallest white stickers Staples carries in half, write each person's # and last name on them and stick them on the back of each magnet.]

BUBBLE WRAP can be ordered on-line or bought at office supply or craft stores.

If you need supplier names, please ask on the magnet exchange board at: