Shout out to Doc Steve Immerman & Richard Parrish -

Shout out to Doc Steve Immerman & Richard Parrish

This forum focuses on the artistic "why" and "what" more than the technical "how". Put more philosophical (but still art and glass related) posts here.

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Shout out to Doc Steve Immerman & Richard Parrish

Postby Bert Weiss » Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:39 am

I am visiting Chicago, and popped in to a craft gallery when I saw Doc Steve’s work in the window. Always a pleasure to see it in person. My surprise in the gallery was some new work by Richard Parrish. I’ll comment that I have seen many pictures, but in person his pieces really shimmer with nuanced wonderfullness. The camera lens just can’t capture what the moving eye sees.

Upstairs in another higher end glass gallery, I saw some wonderful work by an artist whose name I didn’t catch. They were enormous constructions of kilncast lacy frit castings. I loved them. There were also some amazing bent float glass pieces with zero mold marks by a fellow named Yosuke Miyao.

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