Replacement of Perfect Fire III Relays -

Replacement of Perfect Fire III Relays

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Lynn Perry
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Replacement of Perfect Fire III Relays

Postby Lynn Perry » Sun Nov 03, 2019 5:39 pm

The controller (Perfect Fire III) for my 20-year old Jen-Ken kiln (PFG-24-E, 240V) started giving errors when initially energized. I have replaced the elements several times in both the lid and the side, but the controller still had the original relays. The controller has two relays, and I successfully managed to replace both of them on Friday without damaging anything else. As soon as I started, I realized the perforated metal case of the controller was going to cut me, so I used electrical tape to cover the edges closest to the relays. I made sure to remove the tape when I attached the controller back to the kiln. It took me about 90 minutes to replace both relays. The job was fairly simple and only complicated by the awkward position needed to remove and install the relays and the very short lengths of some very stiff wires. I did find a loose wire barely connected to one of the old relays and one wire from the thermocouple was just touching and not clamped. All of this is just a testimonial to the durability of the controller.
Lynn Perry

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