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Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2004 7:27 pm
by hoknok
Being ADHD helps... and hinders!. The problem is that I have tooooo many great ideas. I decided that I will only work on three projects at a time... then I end up cheating. You see, I do three projects in photography, three in glass, three in design, three in clay, and, and ,and....

Being ADHD is like having three tv channels on in your mind at the same time. For me, its the spiritual channel, the sex channel and the entrepreneurial channel. Damn, what a strange brew!

Much of my stuff comes from investigation and trials and errors. I then "happen" upon some cool looking outcome. I also have to have a very strong emotional tie to the project!

Hey, and a good art commission with a tight deadline also gives me a good kick in the rear!

I feel, therefore I am!!


Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2004 9:55 pm
by Bert Weiss
hoknok wrote:Being ADHD helps... and hinders!. hoknok


You are not alone. I bet the Add'ers are in the majority here.

I'm a space cowboy, I bet you weren't ready for that" Steve Miller

Re: How do you see new work

Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2004 6:26 am
by Brian and Jenny Blanthorn
Amy Schleif-Mohr wrote:Ok, I've been hanging out here this afternoon. I was reading the thread that Jackie started and then took a long look at the photographer's web site that Lani posted. The images on the photographer's site got me thinking, how did they envision these images. Then I thought about how I envision my work. Like when a new piece comes to mind. For me, I compose new pieces a couple of different ways. One way, is when I'm just on the edge of sleep. I think that my imagination is pretty free at this point and all the left brain stuff from the day bleeds away and my right brain takes over, just in time for dreams. Another way happens when I'm driving, usually on the freeway and I'm alone and have time to think about form and composition. The last way is just spending time in front of a large piece of paper drawing. I never am there with a destination in mind I just draw and wait to see what comes out. After a session of drawing I put the drawings away for a day or two, not hidden but just in the background. Then when I'm ready I come back to them and see what I've got, sometimes there are several sections of the drawings that I can use, sometimes there isn't a thing there.

What/how do you all compose?


I used 2 have some shelves I used 4 bits of stuff glass / objects

+ space 4 some roughh scetches / pics

When we moved to IOW I lost that

Things R a lot better over hear but I have had trouble getting motivated 2 make stuff

I have been wondering why n thats the reason

Problem is new area has lots of light n open areas / tables n I dont wanna loose that

Other space was realy kinda dark n full of shelves

The other thing I get in2 is modifing equipement

Currently building 24" coustom built doimond saw

This is turning in2 a task of epic proportions but I am more than 1/2 way

I think I will get some boxes 2 keep the ideas stuff in

I tend 2 work rather than sit arround thinking