MR-97 application problems -

MR-97 application problems

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MR-97 application problems

Postby mtn gator » Tue Oct 06, 2015 3:05 pm

I just want to tell everyone about a very impressive experience I had; I had been having problems when spraying MR-97 on a molds the spray was not leaving a smooth texture on the molds it had a sand like texture; I had posed question on every glass fusing web site I could find and no one had an answer, every response I received said they had never heard of any one having this issue. I finally sent an email to ZYP Coatings customer service group within approximately 2 hrs I received a call from a wonderful gentleman @ Colour De Verre who put me into a conference call with an gentleman at ZYP coating; long story shorten after much discussion there were several very helpful suggestions, Hallelujah they worked!!! I just wanted all glass artist to know how completely impressed I was that executives Colour De Verre and ZYP Coating called to talk through my problems, what a very positive wonderful experience. I will be a long time supporter of both companies :D :D

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