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Fiber Kilns

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Fiber Kilns

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I am interested in purchasing a larger kiln for larger pieces as I currently have a 28 inch round brick Jen Ken kiln. I am considering a fiber kiln as it is easier to transport it into my basement from a weight standpoint. Jen Ken Makes an AFG 38 deep{16 inches} and an AFG 52{14 inches deep}. Both kilns measure 26 inches wide by 38 inches and 52 inches long respectfully. In my current kiln, the bricks appear to be breaking down and are leaving debris on the finished glass. Does anybody have any experience with larger fiber kilns? The floor of these kilns have individual bricks that are not cemented together for easier replacement. I am attracted to the fact that the kiln can be disassembled in my garage and brought into my basement in pieces. Your recommendations and thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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