Custom built 48x72” custom kiln for sale -

Custom built 48x72” custom kiln for sale

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Custom built 48x72” custom kiln for sale

Postby Carol » Sun Dec 18, 2022 9:02 pm

220 v Bert Weiss custom built bell kiln. 48x72”

Owner has retied and closed studio. Kiln is ready for a new home.

This kiln is a workhorse and has handled architectural projects such as doorlights, countertops, tabletops, sinks, etc., as well as completing class projects from bowl and tile classes efficiently in one firing.

If you are an artisan with a home studio this kiln can expand your production capabilities. Designed to operate on 220v household current, it becomes a real timesaver for the small scale artisan as many items can be fired all together, rather than in multiple firings. A must if you are considering the wholesale market.

Firing bell is raised and lowered onto the kiln brick fusing table by winch. Kiln is operated by a Bartlett RTC 1000 Controller, and is hard wired, simple to move and reinstall, operating on two circuits with separate electronics and heat sinks.

Information provided includes build specifications, operating manuals for controller and sources for many items, as well as parts, fuses, nichrome wires, etc for regular maintenance.

Lea d.
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Re: Custom built 48x72” custom kiln for sale

Postby Lea d. » Sat Mar 11, 2023 6:11 pm

Hi Carol -

Is this kiln still available? If so, what is the price? Please let me know.


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