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Power failure

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Dale McEntire
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Power failure

Postby Dale McEntire » Fri Jul 23, 2021 11:37 am

We had a power failure during my kiln firing. The kiln was at the annealing stage approching and very close to 880 goal point and scheduled to hold for 2 hours. It had been droping 6 degrees per hour from 990 for the past 10 hours. It was to hold for 2 hours at 880 before going to the 600 soak for another two hours. The power went out at 5am and came back on at 8 am. The kiln was at 580 degress and I had to just let it drop over the next 24 hours to room temp. I have opened and looked at the project and it looks fine. I am casting at about 3/4" thick open face molds using bulls eye frit. Is there a danger of the glass cracking later because of annealing interruption (even though it was close and cooled slow from 580 downward) or should I fire again from scratch? Molds look stable enough to allow.
Thanks for the input.

Kevin Midgley
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Re: Power failure

Postby Kevin Midgley » Sat Jul 24, 2021 11:18 pm

I should think you will be ok so long as your annealing times were correct.
Check with polarized filters and then you will know.
don't be in a rush to remove the pieces from the kiln.

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