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Unknown Jen-Ken kiln controller code "Stnd": help?

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Kinsey K
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Unknown Jen-Ken kiln controller code "Stnd": help?

Postby Kinsey K » Sun Oct 17, 2021 6:20 pm

Kiln: Jen-Ken EZ Pro Deluxe
Controller code: Stnd

I was just programming my next firing and switched the settings from COE 96 to COE 90. After I pressed the 'Program' button to set to COE 90, the code "Stnd" came up on the controller and stays there. It doesn't respond to any of the buttons when I press them pressed (or press/hold). If I turn the kiln off and back on, everything works as usual. It happened once yesterday too, but that was the first time.

I'm not finding this code in the manual, on Jen-Ken's site, or web search.
Ideas? Thx!

Brad Walker
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Re: Unknown Jen-Ken kiln controller code "Stnd": help?

Postby Brad Walker » Sun Oct 17, 2021 7:17 pm

What brand controller? Made by Barton or Orton? 3 button or 12 key?

Have you tried unplugging kiln (not turning off) and then plugging back in?

You could also call Jen-Ken and ask. They're usually very helpful.

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