The Second Annual Great Magnets Without Magnets Swap

Click here to see a list of the participants for 2003!

Rules, Guidelines and Goals

1.  Magnets without Magnets - magnets should be fused, no sharp edges, please.  Do not glue metal magnets to your magnets; like last year these will be maglesses.

2.  Size - roughly 2x2 inches or smaller, any shape.  They do not have to be square. 

3.  Number of Participants - 120.  Since a waiting list is being kept, you'll get occasional reminders to let Beth know ASAP if you can't participate.  We understand the unexpected happens, and others would like to join if spaces open up. 

4.  Number of Magnets - this year each participant must make the full number of magnets - 120.  (Start early.)

5.  Deadline - the due date has been extended to February 17, 2003.  Magnets received after that date will be returned! 

6.  Writing Assignment (voluntary) - write a couple of short phrases about your technique(s), once you know what they are, and email them to Beth.

7.  Packing -  This year we're asking that you stick a small, removable label with your name and number onto the back of your magnets, and place each one in a small ziplock.  Bubble wrap can be placed between layers of magnets.  No peanuts!   Click here for detailed packing instructions, for ziplock suppliers, and more about packing. 

8.  Shipping to the Coordinators -   Important: Email Beth privately at for up-to-date shipping information.  Reminder:  before January, ship magnets to Beth Burns, not Nancy at Weisser
Glass.  Email me for address.  In January, click on the  magnet board's rules  and guidelines link for the address to Weisser Glass. 

We strongly recommend you pay for tracking, if it is not automatically done by your shipper.  Pack a completed Priority Mail label and delivery confirmation and insurance forms, plus a check for postage - cost to be determined but we'd like to set one fee for all US participants.

9.  Shipping Back to You - return shipping will be by Priority Mail, tracked and insured.  We'll work out best shipping methods individually with those of you outside of the US.   A participant list with email addressees, Web or photo sites and techniques will be included in your box of magless treasures. 

10.  What's Going On? - Please check your email and the special magnet board at for the latest information!

It's a good idea to check the magnet board now and then.  From the Preferences link on the board, you can set
messages to show up from your last visit or for a longer number of days. also has links to the magboard    And the magboard has a link to the rules/guidelines -

11. Email questions (and your technique phrases) to Beth at

And enjoy yourselves. 

Thanks to Charlie Spitzer for developing a crackerjack spreadsheet for compiling information, emailing and maybe posting photos.  (We'll take a photos during sorting and email them to Charlie.)

Your Magnets without Magnets Coordinators:
Nancy Underwood and Beth Burns (

(A full contingency of sorting volunteers is in place but if you'd like to be placed on a waiting list, let us know.)

****  Have to drop out?  Let Beth know asap since we have a waiting list.  ****


Test in small quantities, just a couple of magnets, until you have the effect you want. 

Unless they are unusually thick, you can speed up your schedules since the pieces are so small. 

Ask for help on the magboard or email someone. 

Have fun; this is not an art show or contest.  Your magnets will find good, appreciative homes.